Welcome to eir prepay – it’s good to have you on board!

To help you get started and to make sure you get the most from our network, we recommend you follow these simple steps below.

Make your top-up go further by opting into one of our great prepay offers

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Move your number

Keeping your number from your old provider has never been easier and can be done in just a few clicks

Top-Up your account

Top up anywhere anytime by registering a payment card to your account.

Call us on 1740 to top up instantly using your chosen payment method.

You can choose to safely and securely store your payment details with us which allows you to top-up in loads of different ways.

Automatic Top Up
Creating a scheduled top up is a great way to make sure you always have enough credit to keep your offer. Its easy to set up - log into myeir.ie or download the my eir app to create a schedule that suits you.

Pick the day before your offer is due to expire and schedule a top up every 28 days to cover the cost of your offer.

Alternatively you can choose a particular date of the month or day of the week.

my eir

Take control with my eir!
• View your credit balance
• 400 free webtexts (incl 100 international)
• Top Up instantly or schedule your Top Up
• Manage your prepay offer
• View your usage
• View your PUK code
• View and change PIN
• Add and remove add ons

my eir app

You'll be able to manage your account on the go with the my eir app, download it now at your app store:

google play app store

Useful tips

1) Check your credit balance – Dial *#100#
2) Set up your voicemail - Text "Mail" to 50102
3) Check the days left on your offer – Text “offer” to 50104
4) Check your data balance – Text “data balance” to 50104
5) Don’t forget you can use your prepay offer while roaming in the EU

eir mobile FAQs

Why eir prepay?

Our prepay offers allow you to avail of No Limits Data! You can enjoy No Limits Streaming, Music and Movies on your plan. You also get to choose between unlimited calls or texts or you can get both. Enjoy all this on our superfast 96% 4G network. Going to the EU? Your offer can also be used there too so the fun doesn’t have to stop!

What is "No Limits Data"?

Now on eir mobile, there are really no limits to the amount of data you can use. Whether you like to binge on endless series on Netflix, stream music for hours on end, game into the wee small hours or simply watch your favourite content on YouTube, with NO LIMITS DATA there really are no limits!

Can I move plans to get this offer?

Yes! Check out our prepay plans here (link to plans page) and pick which one is best suited to you.

How does No Limits Data work?

From August 8th 2019, the €20 and €30 Simplicity plans will have No Limits Data. Simply Top Up and opt into an offer on or after this date and you will be able to enjpy No Limits Data. But remember, your current offer msut have expired!

What happens if I'm in the middle of my offer?

You will have to wait until your current top up offer expires before you can avail of No Limits Data.

How do I opt in?

Simply choose the Simplicity offer that's right for you, text the opt-in code to 50104 and top up by the correct amount. Wait for two texts to confirm your top up has been successful and your chosen offer is active. Simple as that!

How long will my offer take to activate?

Your offer should be active within minutes, but you do need to wait for a confirmation text to let you know everything is active!

How will I know my top up is due to expire?

The day before your offer due to expire, we will send you a text to remind you to top up. Once your account has sufficient credit on it on the day of renewal it will automatically renew. You can also schedule a top up by freephone 1740 and it will top up your account every 28 days to keep your offer active.

How do I check balances on my offer?

You can log onto myeir.ie and access your usage and plan details, download the myeir app or text "Balance Data" to 50104 to find out how much data you've used each month. To check days remaining on your offer text 'offer' to 50104.

Do I get to keep my credit?

On our Simplicity plans your credit is used to pay for your data, calls and / or texts so when you top up your credit is deducted from your account. You can use eir's IOU for services outside of your plan.

How can I find further help and support?

Visit our help & support section for more information on our top FAQs.