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Our vision is to be at the centre of your digital world. We're here to help you work, play and learn, to connect everyone and everything, from large cities to small villages. We're opening up new digital experiences for you across TV, home phone, mobile and fibre broadband, and we're the first company in Ireland to offer you all of these services together.

Everything we do is built around our customers. You're an essential part of our vision of a brighter, modern and more dynamic future together.

Connecting you with the things that matter

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Bringing Ireland
closer to the world.

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Changing for the better

Our new brand is much more than a vibrant new identity. It's underpinned by a dynamic new vision that thrives on our customers. We are proud of our history, our origins and our new brand. By breathing life into our company, we help to breathe life into Ireland. You rely on us for work, for play, and for sharing the ideas that excite you.

We're here to connect you to the things you care about most. We empower businesses to reach their potential and people to live life to the max.

Everything rises on eir.

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Our Network

Our network is your network. We are the country's biggest and best network with Ireland's fastest broadband, 4G mobile as standard and individual business solutions that help your business to rise on eir - because ultimately - our network works for you.

Our Customers

We're here to meet your changing needs. Everything we do is built around you – our customer. Our promise is to let you live life on your terms and to help businesses to grow to their potential. At home, on the go or in the office, we aim to make things easier with 24/7 tech support; longer opening hours and an improved customer experience for you.

Our Contribution

We are proud to be part of the very fabric of Ireland, going right back to the foundation of the state. We touch every community across the country. Special communities like Special Olympics Ireland, whom we have proudly supported for over 30 years.

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Everything we do is built around you - our customer

The fastest broadband in Ireland

Think less streaming, more flying with the fastest broadband speeds in Ireland. We're talking a game changing 1GB of speed with eir Extreme. It's now available and it's coming soon to your home. In the meantime you can still enjoy superfast speeds of up to 100Mb through eir Fibre.

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4G is now standard on all mobile plans

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TV when and where you want it

TV on the Go, with eir vision Go.

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Your business

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Business rises on eir

We can help your business to reach new heights. Mobility, agility and efficiency are all in the palm of your hand now - our cutting edge technology of superfast broadband network and 4G mobile network give your business the competitive edge it needs to rise on eir.

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Ireland's national open access network provider


Welcome to life on eir

There's a world of possibility out there. Now is the time to start living your life on eir.

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