eir Hosts Inaugural Report on the French Economic Footprint in Ireland

eir, Ireland’s largest telecommunications provider, today hosted the unveiling of a groundbreaking report on the French Economic Footprint in Ireland at a dedicated forum hosted at the state-of-the-art eir headquarters in Heuston South Quarter, Dublin. The French Embassy in Ireland released the first report during a dedicated forum designed to showcase the transformative power of international collaboration and the celebration of the deepening economic ties between France and Ireland.


The report underscores the flourishing bonds between France and Ireland, emphasising the significant milestone of 300 French companies strategically choosing to establish a robust presence in Ireland. Notably, 28 out of the top 40 French listed companies have recognized the opportunities in Ireland and made the strategic decision to operate within its borders. Reflecting the depth of economic integration, French exports to Ireland have experienced a remarkable threefold increase over the past decade. This data serves as a compelling testament to the mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations, where Ireland's business-friendly environment and strategic location continue to attract and thrive with French investments.


Oliver Loomes, CEO eir: “The transformation of eir in recent years is a testament to the power of French-Irish economic collaboration, made possible through the unwavering support of our French shareholders and investors. eir's Gigabit fibre network now spans more than 1.1 million homes and businesses, with an ambitious goal to reach 84% of all homes and businesses upon completion. Today, our award-winning 5G Network is accessible across 600 sites in Ireland, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge connectivity. At eir, our purpose is to connect for a better Ireland and we believe to achieve this we must push boundaries. As we continue to shape the future of connectivity in Ireland, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled services that enhance the lives of our customers and contribute to the dynamic landscape of telecommunications in our nation."


David McRedmond, Chairman of eir: “It is remarkable to see the profound impact of French investment on Ireland's technological landscape. The strategic collaboration with our valued French shareholders and investors, has not only propelled eir to the forefront of Ireland's telecommunications industry but has also ignited a transformative ripple effect across the nation. Through their steadfast commitment eir has transformed Ireland’s connectivity landscape providing secure, high-speed internet to over 1.1 million homes and businesses. This investment not only revolutionises connectivity for 2.3 million people but also positions Ireland as a hub for innovation, fostering economic growth and empowering individuals and businesses alike. The ongoing partnership underscores the mutual benefits of international collaboration, showcasing how French investment contributes significantly to Ireland's technological advancement and socioeconomic prosperity."


In his address at the launch event, French Ambassador Vincent Guérend emphasised, "The bilateral relationship between France and Ireland is experiencing a major impetus, driven by strong political will from both governments and a consistent, far-reaching movement of increasing economic ties. France is a major investor in Ireland, where its companies create jobs and long-term partnerships. We have a mutual interest in making sure these investments thrive, given that they contribute to the wider project of European strategic autonomy."


eir, serving as the venue for this historic event, underscores its pivotal role in fostering economic collaboration between France and Ireland. The company's state-of-the-art headquarters provided an ideal setting for the exchange of insights, ideas, and the celebration of the deepening economic ties between the two nations.

To download the full report please visit: https://www.tresor.economie.gouv.fr/Articles/74d2dfa7-b113-494f-86fd-d9623ae23e7b/files/b8eb6da2-4809-4ae9-b567-29640a0f9d64