eir sees gender pay gap more than halved since inaugural report

13th December 2023 - eir, Ireland’s leading provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services, has today announced it has reduced its gender pay gap to 5.5%, a decrease from 7.18% reported last year and less than half of eir’s inaugural report figure of 11.2% in 2021. The data from the company’s third Gender Pay Gap Report demonstrates eir’s commitment to closing the gap through targeted measures.


The Company is committed to further narrowing the gender gap by facilitating increased representation of women in senior roles and providing targeted development opportunities in areas where there is under-representation. In other measures, eir also intends to maintain its policy of internal promotion where feasible establishing a robust succession planning process and nurturing a culture that prioritises career development. 


Highlighting efforts made this year, eir has concentrated on reducing bias and promoting professional development within its performance management framework. This includes robust training programmes and the integration of personalised development planning, reflecting eir's dedication to creating a fair and supportive work environment. 


In addition to enhancements in talent attraction and recruitment, and the introduction of novel learning and development initiatives, eir remains steadfast in creating a workplace that actively supports women. eir was among the first companies to implement a fertility policy, granting paid time off for employees undergoing fertility treatment. The Company also instituted a compassionate pregnancy loss policy, providing paid leave to employees who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy. Moreover, eir extends support to its employees in navigating challenges related to menopause and domestic violence. 


Commenting on the release of this year’s Gender Pay Gap Report, Oliver Loomes, CEO of eir, said: “At eir our purpose is to connect for a better Ireland - a purpose that is intricately interwoven with our resolve to address gender disparities and champion equality and diversity at every level. The notable achievement of reducing our gender pay gap to now 5.5% in a relatively brief timeframe substantiates the wisdom of the age-old saying: what gets measured gets managed.  


“The cornerstone of our improvement lies in the exceptional performance of our workforce, and the preservation of an inclusive and diverse workplace stands as a pivotal factor in achieving continued success. We recognise that there is more to do and, as I start my third year as Chief Executive of eir in 2024, I reaffirm my commitment to reducing this gap further in the coming years. Ensuring equal opportunities for women and other under-represented groups is integral to our business and societal advancement. Having personally witnessed the advantages that diversity of thought and experience brings, I am steadfast in my belief that it enriches decision-making processes, making important business decisions more comprehensive and insightful.” 


Sandra Donohue Chief People Officer eir: “The significant reduction in the gap to 5.5%, down from 11.2% in our inaugural report in 2021 marks a tangible testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering equality and diversity within our workforce. This year, our strategic focus involved increasing the representation of women in senior roles, strengthening our talent review and succession planning process, accelerating internal promotion of top talent, and implementing targeted development opportunities.


Additionally, our comprehensive approach extends beyond the workplace, with policies supporting fertility treatments, pregnancy loss, menopause, and domestic violence challenges. Our ultimate goal is to close the gap, and as we move forward into 2024, we are strategically aligning with our ESG strategy to champion Diversity and Inclusion, set measurable targets, and continue fostering an inclusive culture. Our journey toward gender equality is ongoing, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to becoming an employer of choice for STEM graduates and ensuring equal opportunities for all."


Several factors contribute to eir's remaining gender pay gap, including a higher concentration of male employees in specialised engineering roles responsible for building and maintaining physical infrastructure and IT networks. The extended average tenure of nearly 30 years among these employees is a factor in the elevated salaries.  


It's important to note that the gender pay gap is not uniform across all sectors of the organisation. Many segments such as customer operations and senior management levels have gender pay parity. Notably, eir boasts a gender-balanced senior management team and two-thirds of eir's commercial teams are led by women. 

eir is strategically committed to championing Diversity and Inclusion as outlined in its 2023 ESG strategy. The company has set measurable targets to gauge progress and intends to focus on sustained actions, leveraging the active involvement of employee resource groups to foster an inclusive culture. eir will also advance its talent and succession planning, utilising data and insights to ensure the development of strong female successors for key roles, accelerating talent progression to senior levels. Finally, in the coming year, eir will concentrate on refining its employee value proposition to attract females to the sector, aiming to become an employer of choice for STEM graduates. 




Key statistics  

  • Main population: 78% male, 22% female  
  • Senior Management Team: 54% female, 46% male  
  • Leadership: 59% male, 41% female  


Specific initiatives to achieve ongoing reduction in the overall pay gap:  

  • Externally benchmarked competitive salaries  
  • Removing bias from recruitment  
  • Ensure diversity is embedded in succession planning  
  • Continuously improve family friendly and flexible working arrangements  
  • Create development opportunities in areas of underrepresentation  


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About eir  

eir is the largest provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Ireland, offering broadband, voice, TV, data services as well as networking, security and managed services to residential, small business, enterprise and government segments.  eir is the third largest mobile operator in Ireland in terms of revenue and customers. The company operates the eir mobile and GoMo services. eir’s wholesale division, open eir, is the largest wholesale telecommunications operator in Ireland, providing products and services to national and international wholesale customers across a range of regulated and unregulated markets.