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About eir

We are the principal provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland. The Group provides a comprehensive range of advanced voice, data, broadband and TV services to the residential, small business, enterprise and government markets. The Group also operates the eir Sport channels which we offer as part of our enhanced value bundles to all broadband customers.

Our mobile division operates under the eir Mobile and GoMo brands. In addition, our wholesale division, open eir, is the largest wholesale operator in Ireland, providing products and services to more than 70 national wholesale customers and 25 international wholesale customers, across a range of regulated and unregulated markets.

eir Group revenue for the year ended December 31 2022 was €1.244 billion and Adjusted EBITDA was €606 million. We are currently well underway investing €500 million to roll-out fibre to the home (“FTTH”) to 1.9 million premises across urban and suburban Ireland, while also investing €250 million updating and expanding our mobile network with a view to significantly increasing our high-speed mobile data capabilities, rolling out Ireland’s largest 5G network and expanding 4G coverage to 99% of the outdoor geography of Ireland. At 31 December 2022, we had passed approximately 2 million premises with fibre, including 987,000 with FTTH, passing approximately 89% of Irish premises and enabling ultrafast broadband speeds of up to 1 Gb/s for our customers.



Fixed services

We are the largest provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Ireland, offering broadband, voice, TV and data services to individual consumers and business users. We also offer wholesale access to our network to other authorised operators ("OAOs").

According to quarterly data published by ComReg (ComReg 23/21), we had a market share for the quarter ended 31 December 2022 of 41% of the Irish fixed line market, based on revenue. We have the most extensive fixed line telecommunications network in Ireland in terms of both capacity and geographic reach, and other network operators therefore rely heavily on our infrastructure. We are also the leading provider of broadband services in Ireland with 442,000 retail lines as of 31 December 2022.

As at 31 December 2022, we had over 888,000 fixed line retail and wholesale telephone access lines (excluding wholesale LLU) in service and 953,000 (excluding line share) retail and wholesale broadband customers. As at 31 December 2022, 89% of our broadband base is on fibre.



Mobile services

We are the third largest mobile operator in Ireland in terms of revenue and customers, operating the eir mobile and GoMo brands. In 2013, eir was the first market with high speed 4G data services in Ireland and our network offers more than 99% 4G coverage across Ireland. In 2019 the Group launched GoMo, a new revolutionary online SIM-only mobile network, as well as Ireland’s largest 5G network, with 5G outdoor population coverage across 530 towns and cities from 1,500 sites across all counties as at December 2022. As of 31 December 2022, our Mobile division had 1,316,000 customers and we had a share of 17.7% of the Irish mobile market for the quarter ended 31 December 2022, based on number of subscriptions (including mobile broadband and M2M) according to data published by ComReg (ComReg 23/21).