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About eir

We are the principal provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland. The Group provides a comprehensive range of advanced voice, data, broadband and TV services to the residential, small business, enterprise and government markets. In 2016, we entered the TV market with the acquisition of Setanta Sport with the subsequent rebranding to eir Sport which we are now offering as part of enhanced value bundles to all broadband customers. Our mobile division operates under the Meteor and eir Mobile brands. In addition, our wholesale division, Open eir, is the largest wholesale operator in Ireland, providing products and services to more than 60 wholesale customers, across a range of regulated and unregulated markets.

The eir Group Revenue for the year ended June 30, 2016 was €1.3 billion and Adjusted EBITDA was €500 million.
Since September 2012, we have invested over €440 million in a Next Generation Access ("NGA") network that provides fibre-based services to customers mainly through the deployment of Fibre to the Cabinet ("FTTC"). We expect to rollout fibre to approximately 1.9 million premises by 2020 reaching over 80% of the population. At June 30, 2016, we had passed 1.6 million premises, enabling broadband speeds of up to 100 mb/s for our fibre customers. We are overlaying fibre to the home ("FTTH") and fibre to the distribution point ("FTTDp") across parts of our NGA network. These were commercially launched in September 2015 offering market leading speeds of up to 1 Gb/s.
We in eir are committed to working responsibly. In 2016, eir has been awarded the Business Working Responsibly mark, which certifies our policies and practices across our business including CSR, HR, Environment, Workplace, Marketplace, Diversity & Inclusion, Product Development and Sustainable Procurement.

Fixed services

We are the largest provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Ireland, offering broadband, voice, TV and data services to individual consumers and business users. We also offer wholesale access to our network to other authorised operators ("OAOs"). According to quarterly data published by ComReg (ComReg 16/76), we had a market share for the quarter ended June 30, 2016 of 49% of the Irish fixed line market, based on revenue. We have the most extensive fixed line telecommunications network in Ireland in terms of both capacity and geographic reach, and other network operators therefore rely heavily on our infrastructure. We are also the leading provider of broadband services in Ireland with 449,000 retail lines as of June 30, 2016. As at the June 30, 2016, we had 1,216,000 fixed line retail and wholesale telephone access lines (excluding wholesale LLU) in service, of which 854,000 (excluding line share) were retail and wholesale broadband customers. As at June 30, 2016, 50% of our broadband base is on fibre. Approximately 96% of our active access lines are in exchanges enabled to support both PSTN and ADSL permitting simultaneous, high-speed transmission of voice and data over our network.

Mobile services

Our Mobile division is comprised of the Meteor and eir Mobile brands. We are the third largest mobile operator in Ireland in terms of revenue and customers. In 2013, eir was the first market with high speed 4G data services in Ireland and eir has currently achieved an estimated 95% 4G coverage in the Republic of Ireland.  As of June 30, 2016, our Mobile division had 1,060,000 customers and we had a share of 18% of the Irish mobile market, based on number of subscriptions, including mobile broadband and M2M (Source: ComReg). Excluding mobile broadband and M2M, we had 20% share of the subscriber market at June 30, 2016. In terms of revenue market share, our mobile division had 18% share of the total market revenue at June 30, 2016.

eir Shareholder Information

eir (formerly known as eircom) delisted 18th August 2006. Any queries on your holding please contact our registrars Computershare on +353-1-216 3100