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eir's Regulatory Governance Model (RGM)

The eir Wholesale Reform Programme was offered to ComReg in 2011 on a voluntary basis as part of eir’s strategic engagement on key regulatory and public policy issues. eir committed to the development of an enhanced Regulatory Governance Model as outlined in its submission to ComReg in October 2012. The Regulatory Governance Model contains three main strands as follows:

  1. Group Wide Code of Practice (COP) which initially dealt with eir’s Access and Non-Discrimination Obligations and now also deals with its Pricing and Transparency obligations.
  2. Business Unit Process Compliance review programme to ensure our day-to-day processes are compliant with the COP by implementing the necessary Regulatory Controls, the outputs of which are Statements of Compliance (SoCs).
  3. Independent Regulatory Compliance & Audit Reports, prepared by the Head of Compliance and Equivalence (C&E) and the Head of Internal Audit (IA), based on their internal reviews to the Board Regulatory Committee (RegCo) on an approximately six monthly basis.


The purpose of this Report is to provide an update to Industry based on the third strand of the RGM and to give assurance of Board and RegCo oversight. In this context all material Compliance Risks relating to the current scope of the RGM and how they are being managed are included. The Report is based on the Regulatory Compliance & Audit Report No.6 to RegCo.

The latest report is available by clicking the following link:

Industry Update on eir's Regulatory Governance Model (June 2017)

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